The Jesus Photo "Mystery Cloud" Maker

1963 Mystery Cloud In the cult following of William Branham, many photographs from 1924 to 1965 have become objects of worship in many of the cult churches and publication companies. These photographs are often doctored or digitally enhanced. In the extreme cases, some photographs are blended, photoshopped, or the result of light exposure to the film. Ironically, the more altered the photograph, the more "supernatural" it becomes to cult leaders. One photograph in particular, of a mysterious cloud that formed over northern Arizona in 1963, has become an idol in many churches. In some churches, cult victims are programmed to believe that this face of Jesus Christ (taken from Hoffman's painting of "Christ at 33"), was actually photographed (in color) over Northern Arizona.

Worshipping William Branham For those who are unaware that photographcs can be digitally altered, we have made the "Jesus Photo Mystery Cloud Maker." This simple utility will give the power to any cult member (and non-cult member) to create "supernatural" photos such as those used by many in William Branham's "Message" cult as an idol or worship of "dead saints" or ruined film.

Simply drag a photo from your computer into the box below (or click the box to search), and we will create your own supernatural photo! It only takes a few seconds, and then you, too, can create a William Branham 'Message' Cult-style idol!

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