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William Branham "Message" Cult Research

William Branham was an evangelist from Jeffersonville, Indiana who rose to limited fame during the Post WWII Healing Movement, and is recognized by some as initiating the "Healing Revival." With the help of Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Roy E. Davis and Davis's long-term companion and Klan supporter, former Congressman William D. Upshaw, Branham established a religious cult that has survived and continued to grow long after his death in 1965. Several splinter groups have grown from Branham's original "Latter Rain" or "Message" movement, such as former "Message" ministers Reverend Jim Jones of Jonestown and Reverend Paul Paul Schafer of Colonia. There are between two and four million people worldwide still being influenced by Branham's destructive teaching.

Seek The Truth, Inc was established to assist in the cult research, deprogramming from the undue influence of mind control, and help former cult members cope with its long-lasting effects. Our research has established the motive behind the cults creation, the stragies employed to control those trapped inside, and uncovered a large portion of the false information used to recruit new cult members.

An Interview with John Collins: Author and Webmaster, Seek The Truth

In-Sight Journal interviews John Collins. He discusses: cultural, geographic, linguistic, and religious family background; influence on his development; pivotal moments in following Branham and then not; characterization of members and non-members; what convinces him of his perspective; the essential message of William Branham and the Gospel; the potential status of the movement as a cult; the core doctrines of the Believers of William Branham; experience of life in and out of the William Branham community; and the reason Believers (and non-believers) should not follow the Believers' theology.

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