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Investigative Report - Inside the Message of William Branham

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Investigative Report - Inside the Message of William Branham:

From The London Free Press:

The influence on Ravbar and Carapella is called "The Message," the prophecies and teachings of mid-20th-century Pentacostal evangelist William Branham, who began his career as a preacher and faith healer in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

John Collins, a former Branham devotee from birth, but who had an awakening in 2012, recognized the church as a cult and has now devoted his life to debunking Branham's bizarre doctrine. On his extensive website, Seek the Truth, he explains the connections between Branham, who died in 1965, the Ku Klux Klan and even deadly Jonestown preacher Jim Jones.

Branham claimed his birth was a divine act and that he was a prophet. His seven prophecies and his doctrine lined up against the social changes of the time, including the civil rights movement and feminism.

"This was a political cult disguised as a religious cult," Collins said, and Branham's doomsday prophecies – including his proclamation that women were vile and would destroy the world by acting for Satan – were mainstays of his sermons at the time when women voted in droves for John F. Kennedy for president.