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ACJPT Releases Documents Confirming Ties to William Branham Through Joseph Mattsson-Boze

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ACJPT Releases Documents Confirming Ties to William Branham Through Joseph Mattsson-Boze:

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple has released new documents confirming the ties between Rev. Jim Jones and Rev. William Branham through Rev. Joseph Mattsson-Boze. On February 5, 1956, as Jones, Branham, and Mattsson-Boze were preparing for the first of the religious conventions Jones would hold with William Branham, Jones became an ordained minister in the Independent Assemblies of God. The ordination certificate includes the first known mention of Peoples Temple, listed as "People's Temple of the Wings of Deliverance, Inc." An insert under the name notes that the church is "with complete autonomy."

Many who are familiar with William Branham's strategy of denouncing seminaries and men with religious degrees are also familiar with the use of "honorary" titles for men who participated in his ministry. Just weeks before Branham's joint "divine healing" campaign with Jones, Jones was given an "honorary" ordination into the Independent Assemblies of God, the branch of the Assemblies of God that separated during Branham's involvement with Latter Rain. Revs. Joseph Mattson-Boze and A. W. Rasmussen, Branham's close associates and organizer of his "Chicago Campaigns", were leaders in the Latter Rain movement during the time it was called "The Message".

Rev. Jim Jones was a "Message" pastor, as confirmed in a hand-written note previously released by ACJPT, so his ties to William Branham and Joseph Mattson-Boze come as no surprise. There were some who questioned the signature on Jones' ordination papers, however, as Joseph Mattsson-Boze's signature was difficult to read. The new documents released remove all question.

On the back of the ordination certificate, a note hand-written by Rev. Jim Jones describes the details surrounding his ordination and Rev. Joseph Mattsson-Boze:

"This ordination was given voluntarily by Joseph Mattsson-Boze Executive & officials of Indepent [Independent] Assemblies ("No creed or autocratic jurisdiction as to teachings of church organization. Only requirement is that ministers practice the Love of Christ and love honorably and practice every aspect of integrity in his pastoral and business relationships. This was given as an honorary recognition without my request for our good works as an Independent Church in Indianapolis, Ind. I naturally accept their ordination in that it required no endorsement of a limited creed, dogmatic ritual, or narrow religious restrictive fellowship."
-- Rev. Jim Jones

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