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UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham and the Kardashian Family

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UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham and the Kardashian Family:

It was pointed out that in our most recent video, we incorrectly stated that "Tom" Kardashian was Kim Kardashian's uncle. If any of you have tried to make sense of the Kardashian family and all of their antics, and were as confused as I was when I started this journey of research into William Branham's connection to them, you'll understand. Between their defense of O. J. Simpson, relation to Caitlyn Jenner, reality shows and more, it gets very confusing! Their connection to the "Message" is just as confusing... :)

The person who pointed this out to us also told us that it was "Tatos" Kardashian, not "Tom" Kardashian who sponsored Avak Hagopian, which is only partially correct. Branham made the claim that the same people who sponsored Avak's trip from Iran had also sponsored his own healing tour (47-1102), offering him a Cadillac (ex: 52-0817A) and a custom-built Packard (54-0411) and he refused it. Interestingly, he later accepted it from the same organization, which will be explained in upcoming videos.
( Our description of "Tom" in the video, however, was accurate. Tatos Kardashian legally changed his name to Tom Kardashian, which will will also explain in upcoming videos.

The Message Part 26 - William Branham's Voice of Healing:

** UPDATED FROM ORIGINAL VERSION: The original incorrectly stated that Tom was Kim Kardashian's uncle, instead of her great-grandfather. Full explanation of the significance to this history in upcoming videos.

This examines William Branham's sudden rise to fame in 1947-1948, as well as the public acceptance the "divine healing" and the numerous "healers" during that era.

Names discussed in this video:
* Avak Hagopian
* Vaughn Arkelian
* Rep. George Smathers
* Tom (Tatos) Kardashian
* Kim Kardashian
* Rev. F. F. Bosworth
* Rev. Ern Baxter
* "Little" David Walker

Topics discussed in this video:
* The cross-promotion between William Branham and other "faith healers" of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's
* Skeptical newspaper reporters after the apparent lack of miracles in William Branham's Vandalia, IL meeting
* The media attention on internationally-famed "faith healer" Avak Hagopian
* Avak moving in with the wealthy Arkelian family to heal Arkelian's son
* Avak claiming to only be able to "heal" 30 people per day
* Rep. George Smathers introducing legislation to extend Avak's visa in the United States
* Tom (Tatos) Kardashian, Kim Kardashian's great-grandfather, sponsoring Avak
* Branham's claim that Avak's sponsor (Tom-Tatos Kardashian) sponsored his healing campaigns
* William Branham touring with Avak Hagopian
* William Branham and Avak Hagopian failing to cure Arkelian's son
* William Branham touring all through Florida with "Little" David Walker
* Branham touring with Avak Hagopian
* Branham's campaign taking photos for newsletters with Avak Hagopian
* Branham's description of the publication that is no longer available to his "Message" cult
* Branham and "Little" David Walker touring through Missouri and at the Cadle Tabernacle where he launched Jim Jones' Peoples Temple career
* Branham's campaigns in Pensacola, FL
* Branham advertised as "America's Voice of Healing"
* Branham starting his "Voice of Healing" publication as a result of that campaign
* Voice of Healing originally created to promote the William Branham Campaigns
* William Branham original publisher of The Voice of Healing
* Rev. F. F. Bosworth joining the Branham campaigns
* Rev. Ern Baxter joining the Branham campaigns
* Branham's claim to have been given his "gift of healing" by an "angel" long after his career began
* Branham's claim to have been given his "gift of healing" the "very day" that the modern nation of Israel was born
* Israel's 1948 formation
* William Branham falsely claiming to raise people from the dead, and the newspaper's refuting this claim
* Claims that William Branham died, and the newspaper's refuting this claim
* Other "faith healers" whose careers were launched by the Branham campaigns