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William Branham's Message Cult Inspires More Street Preachers

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William Branham's Message Cult Inspires More Street Preachers:

From the article:

Upon bearing witness to a woman strolling by in a pair of jeans, Smyas exclaimed "Harlot, dare ye bare clothing that pertains to a man?"

Wherever they go, Johnson and Smyas are armed with their own version of the Bible — "We cut out all the stuff about Jesus, love and the Jews," claimed Smyas — and a giant, homemade photo-collage display of fire, Oui magazine centerfolds from the 1980s and the glam metal band KISS. It is their DIY approach that they believe has set them apart from other street preachers in London trying to spare locals from the temptation of a fresh March breeze.

But not everyone supports what Johnson and Smyas — who have been inspired by such legends of the game as Jim Jones, David Koresh and William Branham — are doing.