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Where Can I Verify Historial Resources

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Where Can I Verify Historial Resources:

We have been receiving many questions concerning the research material presented in the video series "The Message: The Series - A historical look into William Branham's 'Message'".

The series:

Many of the records presented in the videos have been made available on our website.

Copies of courthouse records can be found here:

We have collected a massive amount of research data, some of which has been uploaded into online "cloud" containers and are available for download. You can find links to the download pages here:

Most of the records contained in the videos have already been made available through resources external to our website, and any wishing to verify the research data can do so directly from the source. The only documents difficult to obtain will be criminal, probate, and divorce documents in the archives of the Jeffersonville courthouse, as they have not yet been digitized.

Those wishing to verify the (non-courthouse) resources can find them in the following locations:

Newspapers: (does not contain Jeffersonville) (contains the full collection of Jeffersonville newspapers)

Jeffersonville Digital collections (photos, family archives) available at the local Library and online:

Louisville Digital collections:

FBI Documents:



There are many other sources available, feel free to comment and list your favorite source.