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The Message Part 23 - William Branham's Overnight Fame

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The Message Part 23 - William Branham's Overnight Fame:

This episode examines the business side of the "Message", seldom considered by followers of William Branham. It also examines the sudden surge in business shortly after Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw narrowly escaped prosecution for Federal crimes and sued Los Angeles officials for over a half-a-million dollars. Last, it examines William Branham's 1945-early 1947 claim of how the "gift of healing" came before the story he used in the mid-1947-1965 version of his ministry.

Names discussed in this video:
* Congressman William D. Upshaw
* Lily Galloway
* Rev. Roy E. Davis
* W. E. Kidsen

Topics discussed in this video:
* Voice of God Recordings' documented $100,000,000 in assets
* Creation of Jehovah Jireh Foundation to move large sums of money out of Voice of God Recordings' financial books
* William Branham's 1962 tax evasion
* William Branham's extremely wealthy income after expenses
* William Branham's continual claim to have never taken an offering
* William Branham's luxurious lifestyle, staying at London's Picadilly
* Roy E. Davis posing as an F.B.I. Agent to secure donations for a "Children's Orphanage"
* William D. Upshaw's role in helping Roy Davis scam religious victims in the Los Angeles / San Bernardino area
* William D. Upshaw's role as head of the "Department of Americanism" for the orphanage
* Ku Klux Klan's overloaded usage of the term "Americanism"
* William Branham's sudden and overnight rise to fame shortly after Davis and Upshaw unethically (and illegally) amassed a fortune
* Roy E. Davis suing Los Angeles officials for over a half-a-million dollars
* The creation of William Branham's 1945 ministry and sudden rise to fame shortly after Roy Davis sued Los Angeles Officials
* William Branham's expense vs. income ratio in "healing revivals"
* William Branham collecting large suitcases of money in the "healing revivals"