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The Message Part 20 - William Branham's Missing Timeline

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The Message Part 20 - William Branham's Missing Timeline:

This episode seeks to find answers to why there are people inked out of photos and "missing years" of William Branham's "healing" ministry in the early 1940s, and why Branham claimed to have been given the "gift of healing" long after his healing ministry began. It also examines Branham's "gift of discernment" and use of "prayer cards", collections of names and addresses, and their usage in prayer lines.

Names discussed in this video:
* Rev. Oral Roberts
* Rev. Jack Coe
* Rev. A. A. Allen
* Rev. Jim Jones
* Rev. Carnie Carpenter
* Rev. F. F. Bosworth
* Rev. E. Howard Cadle
* Rev. Robert Daugherty
* Betty Daugherty
* Rev. Roy E. Davis
* Congressman William D. Upshaw

Topics discussed in this video:
* The figure inked out of the early photo of the Pentecostal Tabernacle
* Branham's usage of "prayer cards" in his healing campaigns
* Branham's collection of names and addresses using Voice of Healing
* Branham's strategy of collecting names and addresses of gift subscriptions
* Disclaimers in Branham's publication for those who "lost their healing"
* Other "healers" using similar "prayer card" strategies
* Other "healers" advertised in Branham's Voice of Healing publication
* Other "healers" with successful "discernment"
* Branham's 1954 claim to have been given the "gift of healing" on May 6, 1947
* Branham's recorded healing sermons in April 1947, in contrast to his May 1947 claim
* Branham's difficult to obtain 1945 pamphlet describing a healing campaign
* Branham's vision of "people in white robes" and the irony of the Ku Klux Klan background
* Branham's excellent writing skills, in contrast to his claim to have had a 6th-grade education and Kentucky hillbilly grammar
* Tracking Roy E. Davis to Los Angeles
* Stumbling onto former Congressman William D. Upshaw helping Roy E. Davis pose as an F. B. I. agent to secure donations
* Discovering a strange coincidence in the photo of the Pentecostal Tabernacle with the figure inked out.