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The Message Part 12 - William Branham's First Marriage

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The Message Part 12 - William Branham's First Marriage:

This episode examines William Branham's first marriage to Amelia Hope Brumbach, including her family history, activities in the local community, activities in Roy E. Davis' Pentecostal church, and more.

Names discussed in this video:
* Charles Brumbach
* Hazel Brumbach
* George Brumbach
* Elza Brumbach
* Amelia Hope Brumbach
* Grace Creigh
* Roy E. Davis
* Dan S. Davis

Topics discussed in this video:
* Charles Brumbach's brutal beating in 1902
* Elza Brumbach's position at the Walnut Ridge Cemetery
* George Brumbach's deadly battle with Tuberculosis
* Charles and Hazel's marriage
* Charles and Hazel's move to Logansport, IN
* Charles abusing Hazel
* Charles abandoning Hazel and Hope
* Charles and Hazel's first divorce lawsuit
* Charles' return to Jeffersonville
* Charles' recognition as a locomotive fireman
* Charles' position in local Jeffersonville government
* Ku Klux Klan offices in the Spieth Building in Jeffersonville
* Woman's division of the Ku Klux Klan
* Mr. Brumbach's key to the Ku Klux Klan offices
* Hope's honor role record
* Hope's many parties, bunco clubs, other clubs, dancing, more
* Charles and Hazel's final divorce in 1931
* Charles' remarriage to Grace Creigh four months later in 1932
* Hope joining Roy E. Davis' Pentecostal church
* William Branham marrying Hope
* Hope contracting tuberculosis
* William and Hope conceiving a daughter while Hope is deathly ill
* William Branham's daughter contracting tuberculosis, likely in the womb
* The death of Hope and Sharon Rose Branham