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1936 Branham Tabernacle Date Confirmed

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1936 Branham Tabernacle Date Confirmed:

Some have questioned the 1936 date of the purchase of the Branham Tabernacle grounds as described in the deed to the "Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle."

According to the Jeffersonville Evening News, Oct 2, 1935, Branham's Tabernacle was originally on 8th and Graham St. 2 1/2 city blocks from where it sits today on 8th and Penn St. According to the article, the Tabernacle was relatively new, with only 30 converts as of October 1935.

This also aligns with the 1934 timeline of the church transitioning from Rev. Roy E. Davis to Branham after Roy and Dan Davis left Jeffersonville in the spring of 1934.

Sante Davidson, Branham's first music minister, participated at the 3 week revival held Oct, 1935.