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William Branham - The Jeffersonville Newspaper Archives

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William Branham - The Jeffersonville Newspaper Archives:

Earlier this year, indexed all Jeffersonville, Indiana newspapers from their origination. Articles that we were forced to read manually inside the Jeffersonville Public Library are now fully available and searchable online. Researchers who wish to query the local Jeffersonville newspaper may now do so in the comfort of their own home, city, state, and country.

We have combined the articles we missed with our collection and uploaded them into volume 6 of the research data. All articles mentioning William Branham (excluding repeats) are now available in the research collection.

Interesting Finds:

* William Branham falsely claiming to have raised people from the dead in Jeffersonville

* From its first advertisement in 1935 until Oct 13, 1945, the church in Jeffersonville was called the "Pentecostal Tabernacle"

* Branham claims a halo was over his head. Newspaper sounds skeptical

* Birthday party thrown for William Branham confirms the 1908 birthdate

* William Branham preached (with musical band) at Ralph Rader's church in Jeffersonville

* May Branham sued for Divorce from Billy Paul Branham -- contrary to William Branham's description of "annulment"

* William Branham going on exotic hunts early in his ministry at a time he claimed he couldn't "scrape two pennies together"


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CORRECTION: removed amount from divorce suit