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The Message Part 8 - William Branham's First Mission

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The Message Part 8 - William Branham's First Mission:

This episode examines William Branham's first mission, the "Missionary Baptist" nickname used for a specific purpose to promote a Pentecostal religious organization.

Names discussed in this video:
* Roy E. Davis
* Dan S. Davis
* Wilbur L. Davis
* Maj. W. O. Ulrey
* Magistrate Thomas Young
* C. R. Turner, Atty
* Circuit Judge Thomas Ballantine
* Roy Davis' "Holy Bible Mission"

Topics discussed in this video:
* Rose Island
* Criminal activities of Roy E. Davis
* Criminal activities of Dan S. Davis
* Jeffersonville, IN revival held by Roy, Dan, and Wilbur Davis one year after William Branham joined forces with Roy Davis
* Rev. Dan Davis starting his own church in Louisville, KY
* Dan Davis' "Bethel Rescue Mission"
* Hope Rescue Mission of the Bethel Baptist Church
* Dan Davis' arrest in Louisville
* Dan Davis' arrest in Newport, KY
* Bethel Rescue Mission Milk Fund
* Dan Davis' arrest in New Castle, KY