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William Branham's 1908 Birthday Confirmed by Hope Branham

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William Branham's 1908 Birthday Confirmed by Hope Branham:

While reviewing the research material collected on William Branham for the years 1931-1936, we came across a fact that was previously missed. On April 6, 1936, Hope (Brumback) Branham threw a surprise birthday party for her husband, Rev. William Marrion Branham, on his 28th birthday. (Jeffersonville Evening News, April 16, 1936)

This is significant because it also confirms the age given to the United States Government on their marriage certificate, placing William Branham's birth year at 1908. As former members of the "Message" religion are aware, the "1909" birth year Wiliam Branham began using for his birth year shortly before the marriage of his second wife, Meda, was taught to be of "spiritual" significance, and apparently introduced into the mythology years after starting his church.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeArk and children, Elma, Mary, Jean, and George Edward. Mr. and Mrs. George DeArk of New Albany, Mr. and Mrs James Wiseheart and daughter, Catherine of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt West, Mr. and Mrs. Graham Snelling and son, Bobby Joe of Jeffersonville, M. A. McDonald, Katherine Wagner, Charles Branham, Ida Hooper, Steve Popovich, Minnie Eve, Wilbur Snelling, Meda Broy (Branham's second wife), Gloria Popovich, Charlotte Brumback, Rosalie Mayer, Marjorie Boyce, Delores Branham, Anna Mac and Gertrude Snelling, Georgia Eve, Jesse Branham, Doc Branham, Melvin Branham, Donnie and Howard Branham, Billy Paul Branham, Mervin Risinger, Joe Brumback, Rudy Broy, Archie Isgrigg, Vaughn Seward, James Colvin, George DeArk, Charles Greene, Eugene Seward, and Rusaw Dose.

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