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The Message Part 7 - William Branham's First Pastor

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The Message Part 7 - William Branham's First Pastor:

This episode examines William Branham's first pastor, the Rev. Roy E. Davis, including his reason from relocating his Pentecostal church from Louisville, KY to Jeffersonville, IN, his religious history, Ku Klux Klan history, and his criminal history.

Names discussed in this video:
* Roy E. Davis
* William Joseph Simmons
* William D. Upshaw
* Ralph Rader
* Paul Rader

Topics discussed in this video:
* Roy E. Davis' Pentecostal Baptist Church in Louisville
* Roy E. Davis' public argument and request for debate
* Roy E. Davis extradited from Jeffersonville to Louisville
* Roy E. Davis arrested in Nashville, TN
* Roy E. Davis involvement with Ku Klux Klan
* Roy E. Davis involvement with Knights of the Flaming Sword
* Roy E. Davis' dual life in Georgia and Texas
* Roy E. Davis' polygamy
* Roy E. Davis as head of Georgia Farmers' Union
* Roy E. Davis' bank fraud
* Roy E. Davis' public whipping
* Roy E. Davis caught by a female attendee of an evangelistic campaign
* Roy E. Davis' brothers migrating from Texas to Jeffersonville
* Roy E. Davis as the song leader in Ralph Rader's Church
* Roy E. Davis stealing Ralph Rader's congregation
* William D. Upshaw's involvement with the Ku Klux Klan
* William D. Upshaw's involvement during the Congressional investigation of Ku Klux Klan