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The Message Part 4 - The Jeffersonville Branhams

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The Message Part 4 - The Jeffersonville Branhams:

This episode examines the Branham family immediately after migrating to Jeffersonville, IN from Kentucky by focusing on the activities of Charles Branham, William Branham's father.

Names discussed in this video:
* Charles Branham
* R. E. Wathen
* Otto H. Wathen
* Al Capone
* Roy E. Davis

Topics discussed in this video:
* Childhood indoctrination
* William Branham's "Den"
* William Branham's gun collection
* William Branham's concealed carry weapons
* William Branham's expensive safaris and hunting trips
* William Branham killing zebras
* William Branham and the "General Store"
* Living with Otto H. Wathen
* Charles driving for Otto H. Wathen
* Moore Amendment
* Medicinal Whiskey
* Otto H. Wathen's indictment
* Reasons for William Branham's sixth-grade education
* Seelbach Hotel
* Rathskeller Room
* Al Capone's escape tunnels
* Wathen's illicit "white mule" moonshine liquor ring
* Whiskey stills in family housing
* Branham family's move out of Wathen's living quarters to Brighton
* Death of Charles Branham
* Edwin M. Coots and the Coots Funeral Home
* Fiery Cross newspaper
* Ku Klux Klan involvement in bringing prosecution to liquor ring