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William Branham and Women Drivers

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William Branham and Women Drivers:

William Branham said:

Go down the street, back out like that, and right in the highway. We counted... I want to tell you something. And you women drivers, listen. Billy Paul and I, on this last campaign around the nation, six months, I kept a count of how many scruples on the road. And out of three hundred mishaps, on the road, guess how many of them was women drivers? There was only lacking... Nineteen of them were men. And two hundred and eighty or, I believe it was, two hundred and eighty-one then would be women drivers. Women drivers! Now, I'm not saying there ain't good women drivers. But she'll turn any way.
- 58-0928e - "The Serpent's Seed" Rev. William Marrion Branham

Was he right?