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The Message Part 3 - Why Little Jeffersonville

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The Message Part 3 - Why Little Jeffersonville:

This episode examines the possible reasons behind the Branham family migration to Jeffersonville, and the socioeconomic landscape of the city at the time Charles and Ella Branham transplanted their two sons from Kentucky to Indiana.

Names discussed in this video:
* George Branham
* Charles Branham
* Jeffersonville Mayor Thomas E. Rader
* Paul Rader
* Ralph Rader
* Otto H. Wathen

Topics discussed:
* Childhood indoctrination
* Coon Grease
* Kentucky Log Cabin
* Sibling Birthplace
* Big 4 Bridge
* Jeffboat
* Howard Shipyards
* City of Jeffersonville Ferry
* Jeffersonville Trolly
* Louisville, New Albany, Jeffersonville, Charlestown, Clarksville Transit