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The Wonderful Uncertain Future

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The Wonderful Uncertain Future:

Leaders of doomsday cults lift themselves into power by first convincing others of their dark and twisted predictions of the future and then convincing them that they alone can provide a means to escape. Often claiming that they have predicted the year in which destruction will claim the Earth and all that is in it, doomsday cult leaders convince followers that the future is certain. Certain death to all except their small group.

Those who are fortunate enough to escape before the climax of a doomsday cult find great difficulty in considering the future. No longer is it certain. Some seek to find others who share dark views of the future, finding it more comfortable to dwell upon the worst that could happen and the fear that it might happen during their lifetime. Though they may have left the cult, the influence of the cult leader remains strong.

Former members of these groups are often able to overcome through spontaneity. Rather than dwell on what might happen, they focus upon what they, themselves, can make happen. Life may be challenging, but by being proactive, they can control which challenges they face while at the same time preparing for how to face them. In a sense, their future seems less unknown and more predictable. Over time, their predictions become far more accurate than those of the cult leader.