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Golden Opportunities

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Golden Opportunities:

As a group of people begin to form an isolationist mentality to support the ideology of the central figure of what will later become a destructive cult, that ideology begins to shift. Those who witnessed the initial group of people, but were not present during the transformation, often struggle to comprehend how differently they seem. It is like two different groups of people, with two different sets of personalities. The former had open arms welcoming all who were willing to join, while the latter was cold and uninviting.

After this transformation, speeches by the central figure are also much different. Before isolating themselves, the central figure was warm, inviting, and friendly. Many of their speeches are motivating. Over time, however, they seem irritated and angry. Motivation turns into condemnation for any who disagree.

Those who leave these groups have an advantage in life over others who never experienced a destructive cult. They have been under the pressure of an irritated leader, suffering years and sometimes decades of demotivation. A single motivational speech is like finding a goldmine; hearing an uplifting and inspiring person is suddenly new and exciting. They suddenly have the opportunity to see a side of themselves they had suppressed for a long time. Not only do they have the golden opportunity to lift themselves back to their feet, they have the opportunity to help inspire others.