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The Hex Placed Upon My Life

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The Hex Placed Upon My Life:

I never considered myself to be much different than other people in the "Message". The church I attended was really not much different than other Holiness churches and might have even been loose with its requirements in comparison. William Branham spoke against television, sports, and other things on the tapes, but our church mostly ignored everything except for Branham's requirements for women and their appearance. As a man in the "Message", my life was not much different than other men I knew from other local churches. In fact, I really did not see our church as unusual and definitely did not think it was a "cult". We were "End Time Message Believers", of course, but didn't see ourselves as an exclusive group of people like many other "Message" churches. We fit right in with others in our small town.

When I decided to leave the "Message", I never thought I'd be leaving friends. I saw other Christians as "Christians", and never once considered them to be any different than myself. We had different opinions on the Bible, and they did not know the "prophet" like I did, but they were Christian all the same. Others in our town changed churches from time to time, and it never impacted friendships in any way. I'd known many of the people for years and thought we had something that could not be broken. Boy was I wrong!

I'm told that after leaving, the pastor preached a sermon at my family, and even named us at the end. Scriptures were used towards us that described men who left Christianity altogether as if leaving a "Message" church was akin to no longer believing in Jesus Christ. The statements had an impact. Things changed between myself and our friends. It wasn't long until rumors started spreading that some great terrible tragedy awaited us, everything from my wife leaving me to death. We were tainted in the eyes of our friends, and for no other reason than simply deciding to go to a different church.

Several months passed, and I started coming in contact with other people who had left the "Message". I thought my story would be unusual, but it was not. Other preachers were doing the same thing, and the people who left the "Message" were a common topic for sermons. One person shared with me a video of a sermon by a "Message" pastor in Tennessee, and he went so far as to say that hell would be a little hotter for us who had left than other people. The "Message" is definitely a cult. This kind of thing doesn't happen in other churches among other Christians. It may not seem like an exclusive church, but just watch what happens when somebody leaves.