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Dividing Families

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Dividing Families:

One of the favorite Bible passages used by religious cults is found in the book of Luke, chapter 12. While the Jews were looking for a Messiah to restore peace, Jesus announced that he was coming to divide. Those familiar with the passage and the historical situation being addressed are aware that Luke was describing the events that birthed Christianity itself. To follow Christ, Christians would separate themselves from unbelieving families. What Jesus did not say is that once divided, those families would be forced into abandoning other members who followed Christ. Christians pride themselves in promoting healthy family units.

This is not the case with religious cults based loosely upon Christianity. Members are trained to believe that all passages describing "the unbelieving" apply to those who do not believe the cult leader. To "believe", one must also agree with the supreme authority of the central figure. It is for this reason that Christian apologists question whether or not a cult member is also a "Christian". While they may claim to be a follower of Christ, they are just as strongly (if not stronger) a follower of the cult leader, raising some very valid questions with concern to salvation.

Sadly, because religious cults replace the values of "belief" for the "believer", they also consider non-cult, Christian family members as "unbelievers". Without doing so, there would be no cult; there would be no need for a central figure. As a result, the destructive nature of religious cults has the ability to reach far beyond its own members. Religious cults, by design, destroy families.