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But What If It Does Not Say That

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But What If It Does Not Say That:

Religious cults based upon Christianity attract members by claiming to have a secret understanding of the Bible that other Christian churches do not have. In fact, a religious cult would not exist without those "secrets" since other Christian ministers preach from the same Bible -- members would simply attend another church that believed Jesus Christ was the "central figure" rather than a human. Because they are convinced of the cult leader's special insight, however, they grant him or her full authority on the interpretation of the Bible. What happens, though, when those "secrets" do not match what members read for themselves in the Bible?

When charismatic leaders of religious cults begin claiming to have secret knowledge of Bible text that every man, woman, and child can easily read for themselves, they must convince followers that the text is not easily understood. They ask listeners to "read between the lines", opening a void that only they, themselves, are allowed to fill. Literally hijacking sentences within a scroll or a letter of the Bible, they inject cult doctrine to an unsuspecting crowd, which was not the Biblical author's original intent. Often, they inject themselves into the Biblical text. Listeners are convinced that the author was unable to speak for themselves, and the cult leader is required to verbally speak what the Bible cannot. For religious cult members, the cult leader is the Bible -- not the pages bound by leather.

The problem, for those unaware that the Bible is supposed to be replaced, is that the cult leader can never fully align with the text. If indeed it is to be a "mystery" that other Christians cannot read, then the author would have had to write the text deceptively, for the sole purpose of hiding this "mystery" from other Christians. If written deceptively, the author could not be describing the "mystery" held secretly by the cult leader. Those who study the Bible for themselves are often confused when the cult leader is in disagreement with the Bible.