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One Question Leads To Another

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One Question Leads To Another:

When members of a religious cult begin to ask questions about their faith, it is contagious. Every group of people, big or small, is filled with curious minds. From birth, those minds are trained to store information. They are also trained to retrieve information by asking questions. No matter how hard cult leaders try to suppress questions that might have answers critical to the group, human nature cannot be stopped. If there is information critical to the group, curious minds will want to know more. Suddenly, more people are asking questions.

Over time, cult leaders become adept at satisfying curious minds using the same techniques criminals use during interrogation. Questions they do not want to answer are often answered with another question that distracts focus. Partial answers are given, as cult leaders delicately choose which pieces of information will be less damaging to the cult. Answers sometimes include blame, offering a piece of information while attacking former or current cult members to distract focus. If the cult leader can draw the person's attention away from the real problem, there is a chance that they can smooth talk their way into favor or reconciliation.