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Understanding Aggressive Separation

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Understanding Aggressive Separation:

When members of a cult awaken, having been exposed to truth concealed by cult leaders, they are often persecuted. By simply asking a single question about cult doctrine, they have exposed the group's primary weakness: learning the truth. That exposure creates a hole that grows exponentially as others watch the response by cult leaders. By avoiding direct answers, cult leaders effectively destroy the foundation of the belief system. If the group was not built on truth, then it was built on fiction. Regardless of the level of "faith" that members can convince themselves they have, it is very difficult to believe fiction for any length of time. The only chance cult leaders have of salvaging membership is to destroy the perception of "faith" and credibility of both the person asking the question and any who might have supplied them with answers.

This is not a strategy that is sustainable for long periods of time. Once the question has been asked by one person, it remains in the back of the minds of others who are aware. Awareness spreads, even by those who still "believe", and cult leaders are faced with the difficult challenge of determining which person is the next to "betray" the group. Often during these times, members are called out at random and given special council by high-ranking members of the group. Sometimes, members are asked to spy on other members, helping the leaders of the group identify the next "betrayal". Simply for lack of truth, or more specifically to conceal the truth, the unity of the group begins to implode. Lack of trust spreads from member to member, aware that cult leaders do not trust certain members. It is at this point that members begin to evaluate their circumstances and start down the pathway to soul-searching which leads to more questions. In the end, it is the truth that matters, not the cult.