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Why Does Truth Matter

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Why Does Truth Matter:

For leaders of a religious cult, there is one frightening obstacle standing in the way of growth: truth. In fact, control of information is a common element found among all destructive cults. If the people find out the truth, how many will stay? How can new members be recruited after truth is published? All religions have varying opinions on matters ranging from mortal life to the afterlife and are able to attract followers who subscribe to a similar set of beliefs, but those well established are built upon principles or stories from ancient history. One cannot fully prove or disprove events that happened millennia in the past. This is not the case for modern religious cults.

Religious cults whose primary focus is directed at a central figure who lived in the same era as its members do not have the advantage of vague or distant histories. Especially in this information age, the advantage lies with the truth seeker -- not the charismatic man or woman seeking to make a name for themselves at the expense of the unsuspecting. At the touch of a keyboard, cult members can access newspaper archives, government documents, historical records, and more. Even though parents and grandparents did not have this advantage, most religious cults have been historically short-lived. Why? With the death of the central figure came the questions by the unsuspecting, and with those questions came answers. Those cults that survived after the death of the central figure did so only with the control of information, and that control is only temporary. All it takes is for one single person to learn the truth and share it with another. Like the spreading of a wildfire, the truth is unstoppable. Truth is the most powerful force in bringing an end to a religious cult.