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London Considering New Bylaw To Stop Message Preachers

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London Considering New Bylaw To Stop Message Preachers:

After years of citizens, mostly female, being harassed in London, Ontario, the city is considering new laws to prevent "Message" cult preachers from abusive language and hate speech. According to the news report, the plan is to classify verbal harassment as a public nuisance

"Citizens and visitors have the right to use our public spaces – our sidewalks, our streets, our parks – without being harassed by offensive or abusive behaviour and language because of possibly what they're wearing, their makeup, their length of hair," said the city's bylaw boss Orest Katolyk.

According to the London Free Press, the city has received dozens of complaints about the "Message" preachers, who are said to frequently insult women for wearing pants, using makeup, or going to work by hurling insults about sexual promiscuity or making accusations of child abandonment.

"We know that people, when they experience that vitriol getting shouted at them, they don't feel welcome in our downtown, and that's a significant issue," she said. "No one wants to be treated in that way."
- Coun. Tanya Par

The article goes on to say that John Winston, head of Tourism London, said that the cult preachers were negatively affecting tourism -- visitors were appalled at the behaviour.

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More about the "Message" Preachers harassing London: