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Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day:

Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor those who died while serving in the United States armed forces. Many families join together, enjoying the warm weather with cookouts, sports, and other outdoor activities while remembering those who fought and gave their lives to secure the freedom we have today.

For those of us who were raised in a religious cult with apocalyptic focus, Memorial Day seems much different after leaving. Trained to believe that our military fought in vain to protect a country that had no future, the events we participated in had little or no respect for fallen soldiers. While many of us enjoyed the same activities as other families in the city, our hearts and minds were somewhere else. The cult leader was usually the center of focus at all events, and the brave men and women who gave their lives for freedom took a back seat to the "prophet" and thoughts of abandoning this country before imminent destruction.

Looking back, it's difficult for me to understand how we allowed ourselves to fall into such error. We often spoke about how much our holidays had been commercialized, and how the true meaning of our holidays had been forgotten over time. We prided ourselves in remembering that Christmas was the season dedicated to Christ's birth, and how Easter was a day to celebrate the resurrection. We criticized those who did not remember the meaning behind such holidays as Halloween, trained to condemn those who celebrated a day with spooky witches, skeletons, and other "evil" memories. We completely overlooked Colossians 2:16, and judged others when they celebrated. Yet, even with our judgmental attitude towards those who lost focus in the meaning behind each holiday, we had lost focus of Memorial Day.

Today, things are much different, and in a number of ways. We were not the only ones who have lost focus; there are many people who have never experienced a religious cult who also have forgotten the reason behind the celebration on Memorial Day. Yet, while not understanding why their employers give them an extra day off, many of those same people gather with other families of diverse political, ideological, and even religious affiliation. Though they may not understand why we celebrate, they are doing exactly what every fallen soldier gave their lives to protect: freedom. Freedom to live peacefully with each other, no matter our differences. Today, without the overbearing thoughts of apocalyptic destruction, that freedom seems much sweeter.

While enjoying time with your friends and family, don't forget the reason behind the holiday. Remember those who served our country to defend our right to freedom. Remember those who died serving, the ultimate sacrifice to protect what we now enjoy. Remember that for every fallen soldier, there is a mother, father, sister, or brother who mourns their loss. Be thankful for those who are still serving to protect our way of life. Most of all, enjoy the freedom so many have worked so hard to gain.