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What Was William Branham's Motive

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What Was William Branham's Motive:

We received another question today from a "Message" believer who has just discovered the many issues with the claims made by pastors of the "Message" and William Branham himself. The person contacting us is asking about William Branham's "motive", a question that we frequently receive when people first begin their journey out of the cult. A portion of the message sent to us containing the question:

"[If] William Branham isn't who he says he is what is his motive behind it? He wasn't a rich man. I just don't understand what he would gain by tricking people. Or do you think he himself believed it?"

This question has been sent to us a few times this month by different people who've just started seeking. And through the years, it is one of the most common questions we receive. It is worth creating a page to explain in our resources section, but for now, we are answering in the blog for those who are wondering:

What Was William Branham's Motive?

Many people who were indoctrinated to believe Willam Branham as the "prophet" for this "age" are also indoctrinated to believe the personality described by his stage persona. When he said that he was "humble", his followers believed it -- regardless of the many statements he made that persuaded people into giving him supreme authority over religious beliefs and sometimes personal opinion, even long after his death. Non-"Message" people, hearing his boisterous claims, would never consider the man on recording to be "humble".

Worse, when William Branham claimed that he never collected an offering, or that he lived a simple lifestyle on a meager salary, people believed it. Ignoring expensive hotels such as the Picadilly, vacations to the sin city of Pigalle, extravagant safaris, weeks or sometimes months without working, investments and personal assets, his followers continue to believe that William Branham's stage persona matched the real person.

This is not the case.

Some have questioned his daughter's letter describing millions of dollars in assets, even though it appears to be fully confirmed by William Branham's associate Rev. "Junior" Jackson. Many have also overlooked the approximate income based upon the federal tax evasion suit Branham himself mentioned. But it is difficult to overlook the investigative reporters who describe hefty men carrying suitcases of money from Branham's "healing" meetings.


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There are many other possibilities for motive one could examine, from his connections to the Ku Klux Klan and his statements that align with Klan agenda, to simply being another one of hundreds of men seeking to make a name for themselves in the Post WWII Healing Revival. But we can say with certainty that it would be an error to rule out money as a possible motive.

He seemed to have plenty. :)