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The Importance of Understanding

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The Importance of Understanding:

No matter whether a person is traditional, fundamentalist, or hyper-fundamentalist Christian, or whether they are of a different religion, agnostic, or atheist, one should attempt to correctly understand the Bible for what it is, and not for what hyper-fundamentalists and other groups in error have made it become. Even if one does not believe in the Christian religion or does not accept the Bible as a moral instruction, the Bible has without question changed the religious, social, cultural, and political landscape of the world. A large part of that history is without question a scar against the Christian religion, further proving the point that there is grave danger in incorrectly interpreting passages of text. Christians and non-Christians alike should understand the difference between correct application and extremism for prevention of disaster.

Political powers have used the Bible as a means to control and oppress, leading to reformation. Military powers have used the Bible as a means to engage non-Christian nations in battle, and Christians joined in the conquest convinced they were eradicating a spiritual enemy rather than physical. More recently, cult leaders have used the Bible as a means to gain power, wealth, or recognition, convincing their followings to sever themselves from other Christians. In the worst cases, destructive misuse of the Bible has resulted in mass suicide.

It is especially important to understand the Bible as a hyper-fundamentalist living in the United States. Separation of Church and State have prevented the government from establishing proper laws to promote safety, forcing officials to act only upon the result of misinterpretation while ignoring practices leading to the destructive climax. Without proper legislation, it is important for traditional Christians to understand the difference between destructive interpretation of the Bible and interpretation that promotes healthy personal growth, as they are one of the limited sources for engaging hyper-fundamentalist groups for correction.

Most importantly, as a person who has left a hyper-fundamentalist group, it is important to understand the influence the group has had on their understanding of religious, social, cultural, and political matters. To correct the error, one must first establish balance. That balance is found in examining the different views of the Bible, and determining which erroneous views have been implanted.