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We Are Stronger For it

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We Are Stronger For it:

Letting go of the past does not mean that the past must be forgotten. We are what we are today because of what we were yesterday. The choices we made, the consequences of our decisions, both good and bad are what makes us into the person we see in the mirror. It is very easy to focus on the negative things of the past as excuses for the negative in of our lives today, but in doing so, many opportunities for improvement are missed. The past must be read much like a history book, from a very neutral viewpoint to accurately account for the negative and positive experiences. It is from these experiences that we learn and grow. We must not be weakened by negative experiences, we must be empowered to become stronger from them.

Former cult members must realize the importance and significance of the burden they carry. They must view themselves like hot air balloons ready to tear through the sky achieving incredible heights never seen before. Yes, the effects from the cult might be a burden, but it is a weight that must be carried until the former cult member is ready to take flight. It is only holding their "balloons" close to the ground until they are prepared for the journey. If properly equipped and made ready, releasing the weights of the past is exactly what sends them on their way to achieve heights that were never possible while the cult tied them to the ground.

Letting go is releasing emotional attachments to the past while remembering where we came from. It is the ability to process both good and bad memories, mentally categorizing them into collections that can be used to build character. It is the realization that while we will never return to the ways of our past, we are no longer affected by them. Whether the remaining ties to the cult are doctrine, relationship, family, behavior, or some combination of them all, their influence is limited to what we decide to be influential and exclude what we decide to abandon.