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Rev. Roy E. Davis Protesting At Dallas Theater Center

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Rev. Roy E. Davis Protesting At Dallas Theater Center:

Researchers noticed the FBI documents describing William Branham's mentor organizing protests in Dallas, TX against Civil Rights, integration of schools, and "communistic inspired" activities. One protest Davis helped organize was at the Dallas Theater Center.

As it turns out, there was video footage taken of that protest. A historian familiar with the connections between Roy Davis, William Branham, the Dallas protests, and its relation to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has informed us of this and other videos that are now being made available on YouTube. This one published to YouTube on April 1, 2018. Unfortunately, there was no sound in this video.

For more information on Roy E. Davis, his activities as Imperial Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, criminal activities while coordinating with a wide range of people from William Branham to former Congressman William D. Upshaw:

The video: