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It Was There All Along

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It Was There All Along:

As humans, we are all born with the natural instincts enabling us to be receptive to love and kindness and are naturally inclined towards hoping for bright futures. Even when environmental conditions create distractions and obstructions to those bright futures, and our peers, hardened by those conditions, are unable to display their natural affection, the instinct remains. This is most obvious when caregivers visit children in developing nations, and their instant display of love and compassion result in an instant change in the atmosphere surrounding harsh conditions. When given the opportunity, and without mental illness or disorders preventing the natural instinct, all people are inclined to receive and display love. Even for former cult members whose lives have been hardened by the trials leading up to, during, and after their escape, this natural instinct cannot be removed. When friends and family sever connections or treat former members with scorn or disrespect, this instinct may be temporarily displaced, but it is always there.

For former members who have lost their positive outlook on life, restoring their faith in humanity is reconnecting with the person they once were. It is returning to the joyful, compassionate, or hopeful person they mistakenly thought had died to the cult. It is not a difficult change in their lives, and it does not require huge adjustment. Though it may require some minor adjustment in focus to heal wounds that were a result of their escape, focusing on positive things simply reinstates balance. It is a reminder that there are other weights on the scale of life, and that a positive side does exist to balance the negative. All have the ability to choose which side of their internal scale needs focus. Even for those whose personality tends to focus only on the negative, natural instincts to be receptive to or display love and kindness are not lost during escape from a cult. It was there all along.