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The Power of Community

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The Power of Community:

Finding a restored faith in humanity seems like an impossible task for a former cult member. It is overwhelming to think about humanity on a global scale while thinking that one small voice has the power to create positive change. Alone, a single voice is drowned out by the sounds of an infinite number of obstacles standing between their voice and positive change. When another voice joins, however, strength begins to form. As others join in unity, each single voice becomes empowered.

Sadly, many former cult members become isolationists after escaping. Not that they want to, or that it fits their personality, but because of the cards that life has dealt them. Especially after escaping from destructive cults that practice physically or emotionally shunning, former members find themselves immediately isolated after leaving. They must look beyond the religious boundaries that have excluded them, as well as the religious boundaries that have not yet or will never include them. They must connect to others in their local community.

Former cult members who are able to connect to others in their local communities are surprised to learn that there are others who share similar beliefs, goals, and moral standards. Some are actively supporting their local community, organizing humanitarian efforts. As others join in, their community becomes strong. When their community joins other nearby communities, they become a powerful force. It is very easy to find faith in humanity when recognizing the good in other people, especially when actively participating.