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The Power of Democracy

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The Power of Democracy:

Though World War is far less likely with coalitions of world powers preventing dictators insane with power from global conquest, cult members face even more difficulty finding restored faith in humanity than in decades past. In the United States, where free speech has had huge success in creating positive change such as Women's and Civil Rights movements, there have also been negative consequences. As the political divide widens through time, news media leaning towards one side or the other have the freedom to paint our leaders in good, bad, or neutral light. In recent years, however, it has become more difficult to find media outlets remaining neutral. When government officials make mistakes, those mistakes are amplified through biased media. When they have success, their success is trivialized or minimalized by biased media. Very few people have time to watch the extreme views of both sides, and forming a neutral opinion is almost discouraged.

For former members of destructive cults, this is a huge problem. As the narcissistic personality disorder progresses to its crippling final stages in the central figure, his or her views of government systems become critically flawed. Filling members with fear of conspiracy theories, secret agendas, death threats or assassination attempts, cult leaders manipulate members into believing their government will fail at any moment. Worse, they convince members that their government structure matches that of the cult; a single official in full power and control.

Many former cult members must not only educate themselves in religion after escaping, they must also educate themselves in government and the power of democracy. Unlike the supreme authority of the central figure, government structures include representatives, delegates, lawmakers, and other officials to balance power and negotiate with foreign powers. While we may not agree with all decisions, our vote counts. And we do not vote for failure. We vote for success.