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Armed with Information

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Armed with Information:

Just as the almost instant access to global information has the negative consequence of heightened fear in times of catastrophe, the quick access to historical record of such information has the power to create a blanket of security. Even in healthy religions with an End of Days component to their theology, the documented mistakes of the past provide healthy alternatives for the future.

In Christianity, where numerous passages of the Bible describe events to take place during or after the death of the last Apostle, reformers have used the power of information to create positive change. To be sure, many churches today focus heavily upon impending destruction rather than bright futures, but this destructive theology is becoming heavily frowned on by those armed with information. Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation and father of today's non-Catholic version of Christianity, led a revolution against the Church for using fear of hell fires to bind the uninformed while practicing and concealing horrific injustices against members. As the Protestant faith was being formed, Luther refused to preach eternal torment to parishioners, none of which had any inclination to visit. Instead, he preached the joys of the return of Jesus Christ.

Many reformed churches of today, especially those with leaders who studied church history in seminary, continue this strategy. Countless documented examples of the tragic or destructive ends to religious sects exist on record. Like beacons shining warning signals throughout time, any who wish to study suicide cults, militarized extremist cults, or psychologically destructive cults whose leaders started with or was gradually drawn to a platform of fear and unrest can do so. Today, with numerous social networks of former members of those cults, testimonies of the unbearable fear that lifted upon escape are freely available. The world is being further armed with information, and information is power.