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The Voice of Healing - Financial Powerhouse Behind America's Faith Healers

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The Voice of Healing - Financial Powerhouse Behind America's Faith Healers:

When William Branham started his "Voice of Healing" publication company to promote the "Branham Healing Campaigns, he could have never known the impact it would have on the world. Even his "prophetic gift" could have never foreseen the number of "divine healers" it would produce, or that many of those "healers" would quickly pass him by in both "miracles" and popularity. The question will forever remain a mystery: did William Branham intend for his publishing company to produce a marketing and financial empire? Or did his own creation grow far beyond his power to control?

This is a research project that I began in early 2013, after learning that many of ministries of "divine healing" in competition with William Branham were created by his own business entity. In his later years, Branham condemned those ministers and evangelists. Like Dr. Frankenstein condemning the monster he created, William Branham was just as much a part of these ministers as they were part of him.

This video is years in the making. We hope you enjoy the result of our research, study, and labor to make it presentable.

The video: