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Reverse Progression

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Reverse Progression:

People who escape from religious cults practicing fundamentalism have a difficult time adjusting to the non-cult versions of their faith. As cult leaders interpret the ancient writings of sacred text literally using today's understanding of health, culture, and science, members are forced to reject common knowledge. Worse, passages that describe the hostility towards enemies of ancient cultures during holy wars or religious cleansing are used to justify the cult's actions of condemnation or hostility to non-cult faith groups. Cult groups indoctrinate members into believing that the world is progressively getting worse using literal understandings of ancient writing. After escaping, former members leave with a worldview that has progressed decades if not centuries backward.

Because of this, former members of fundamentalist cults find great difficulty as they are taught modern, non-cult understanding of theology. As ministers of healthy religious groups describe the loving, peaceful personality traits of God to former cult members with strict, literal understanding, the God they describe does not match holy writings. When applying a strict, literal understanding of the ancient text, one must also apply a strict, literal understanding of passages describing what is culturally acceptible and unacceptable, what is scientifically understood, and what is medically necessary. Especially when reading the oldest passages, the cult's version of "god" aligns more closely with the cultural views of the ancient authors. As a result, former cult members find the ancient understanding of health, culture, and science to be more appealing.

Though it is a very difficult study, former cult members must learn to understand the literary styles of the ancient text. They must learn the literary genre of each passage, whether it is a historical record, prophetic symbology, poem or song, civil law, ceremonial law, instruction of wisdom, or opinion.