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Current Ancient Mythologies

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Current Ancient Mythologies:

In the ancient world, worship of mythological gods and demigods came at great expense. Worshippers believed that their deity would bring victory in battle, health, and prosperity at the expense of human life. Sacrificial altars were stained with the blood of the faithful to appease the angry mythological deity; worshippers were willing to offer the lives of themselves or their children. While this was the accepted way of life for many in the ancient world, it is not today. Even if the "gods" were real, people today would recognize them as cruel and unjust and quickly revolt.

Though most religious cults today do not participate in human sacrifice, the attributes of the deities they present are very similar to that of the ancient mythologies while rituals are motivated with the same intent. Groups that "shun" are offering mental sacrifice as they sever their ties to loved ones. Groups that stir up hatred towards non-cult religious groups are participating in a "holy war" of evil intent. Claiming to be worshipping the same "god" as others in their faith, religious cults incorporate similar personality attributes to gods and demigods from ancient mythologies. Members of Christian cults, for instance, claim to believe the same "god" worshipped by other Christians, yet are trained to believe God is easily angered, quick to wrath, and unfair in judgment. In the worst cases, members believe in a God that will punish and destroy all non-cult members for their failure to accept the central figure -- even if they have never even heard the cult leader's name.

Former members must recognize the similarities between the cult religion and the error of the past. There is a wealth of information describing the error of such a belief structure, often resulting in loss of life. Former members must critically examine the personality traits of the "god" of the cult. In most cases, former members would never worship or even admire such an unjust "god".