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Why Does God Hate Us

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Why Does God Hate Us:

When former members of a religious cult escape and attempt to integrate into mainstream places of worship, they often struggle to connect with their new group at a spiritual level. While the minister may be speaking about and reading from the same sacred texts, the former cult member's interpretation and understanding of the passages referenced can be vastly different. Many words and phrases were overloaded by cult theology, making the former cult member and their new religious group literally speak different languages. As former members struggle to integrate, they slowly begin to realize that the problem is much, much deeper than language; the deity being presented has a much different personality than cult theology described.

Religious cults often highlight passages and overload words and phrases of sacred texts to present members with a version of "God" that is demanding, vengeful, unjust, discriminatory, and to be feared. Worse, cult members are trained to fear their own shortcomings for fear that this "God" will suddenly turn on them with sudden bursts of anger or wrath. It is this intense fear that held them hostage in the cult, and sadly, many former members retain this fear long after leaving.

Fear of the cult's version of "God" negatively impacts all aspects of their lives. Having been trained to apply religious belief to non-religious aspects of their environment, the cult's "God" becomes an ever-present evil villain invading their thoughts and actions while hindering their freedom and peace of mind. Former members of religious cults begin to develop a view of "God" that is much like a childhood bully -- easily offended, and quick to anger and punishment.

To be fully free, Former members of religious cults must overcome their fears and find the freedom to question their core beliefs. They must ask themselves whether or not the "God" of the cult actually exists, and how that "God" differs from mainstream theology.