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The Answer is NO

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The Answer is NO:

Because of the effects of influenced decision, many former cult members struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed with mental or physical baggage. Not only are they carrying the weight of many years of programmed ideology, their lives often look nothing like the life they would have chosen had they not been under cult influence. After leaving, many members still carry this "baggage" for years. Those who are able to conquer this feeling are the first to tell you that their post-cult baggage held them back from freedom almost as much as the cult did.

After leaving, former members experience the freedom of adding things to their life that was forbidden by the cult, but often fail to experience the freedom that results from cutting things out of their life. Having been trained to avoid or suppress their own self-sufficiency, former members are often unaware of the level of time, energy, money, and other resources spent doing things that do not enhance their own lives. As a result, things that actually could better their lives are either not given focus are completely avoided.

There is power in saying "no", and former members must learn to experience that power. Before taking on new obligations, former members must learn to ask themselves, "will this benefit me", and feel just as empowered to decide against them as they feel to decide in favor of them. Answering "maybe" instead of "no" limits freedom by making one feel bound to a future answer, adding yet another weight to the "baggage."

Once the freedom to say "no" is discovered, many former members enter a process of mental or obligatory "housecleaning". It is surprising how many weights were added to their baggage simply by avoiding the word "no", and former members who experience this quickly realize the freedom they were avoiding by never having said "no". The freedom to make decisions that impact others is powerful. The freedom to make decisions that affect yourself is empowering.