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Important Survey of Former Members of William Branham's "Message"

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Important Survey of Former Members of William Branham's "Message":

Update: This survey has been extended to Saturday, March 3rd at midnight.

As many of you are aware, there are many different branches of William Branham's "Message", each having different levels of control and manipulation of behavior, information, thought, and emotion. Some former members would say that their experience in the "Message" was only slightly negative, while others would rate their experience as severely oppressive or dangerous.

As former members, we're interested in understanding where the bulk of harm occurs, the differences between "Message" sects, and the effects on former members.

To this end, Nathanael Jones is (independently) conducting a survey of former members using the [Group Psychological Abuse Scale](, which was developed to standardize measurement of cultic and non-cultic groups. It provides scores in four areas: Compliance, Exploitation, Mind Control, and Anxious Dependency.

If you want to see what's on it, a printable version can be seen here:

Some of these questions will bring painful memories for some former members. Those who escaped the more extreme sects of the "Message" may be hesitant to answer. I hope that former members in this situation participate so that the data is an accurate representation of life in the "Message". The objective is to gather as much feedback as possible on a variety of issues faced by members of these sects.

At the same time, it's important to note that the Group Psychological Abuse Scale is only designed for former members of a group, not current members. Current leaders or aggressive members of the "Message" may be tempted to skew the data by posing as "former members", and internet robots may submit answers for the major search engines.

To avoid this, Nathanael Jones is using a participation code system. To have your results in the official count, you'll need to get a participation code from him directly.

You can message him on Facebook: (preferred method)

Or you can email

This participation code is unique per person, and will not be used for tracking purposes. Stored submissions will remain anonymous, and not include personally identifying information.

If you are a former member of William Branham's "Message" cult, please participate.