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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves:

Many are familiar with the phrase, "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves", and through the years, mainstream places of worship have integrated this philosophy into their teaching. It is widely understood that if one does not apply themselves with regards to their goals, it is highly unlikely their objectives will be met. A person desiring to be a doctor will not skip medical school in hopes their faith will magically create their medical profession. A person desiring their house to be clean knows that unless they or someone else starts cleaning, the house will remain a mess. Without applying action to ones ambition, it is very unlikely that faith will produce reality.

In religious cults, however, the boundaries of this "action" are often blurred. Cult members are trained to believe that this "action" can be faith in the leader, faith in the group, faith in the deity, and / or faith through obedience. Once this methodology is established, cult members are trained to apply circular reasoning; to see the results of faith, one must apply more faith. As a result, many former members feel powerless towards applying their own actions to reach their goals. Years of relying upon the group and its beliefs for positive outcome will create mental barriers limiting the ability to fully understand cause and effect. Worse, many former members feel as though they must carry all of the weight upon their own shoulders. Suffering abandonment from their former support group, they feel helpless and all alone.

To be in full control, former members must get to know their own abilities, and understand how much those abilities can impact their own lives. They also must understand what is needed beyond their own level of expertise, and learn how to find people or resources that are needed to achieve success. Once former members learn how to help themselves, God seems much more powerful than the version of "God" presented by cult theology.