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Nothing To Fear

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Nothing To Fear:

There is one thing that all former members of a cult have in common: fear. It took extreme willpower to overcome the fear of leaving the cult, and after adjusting to non-cult life, former members begin to understand how much they were controlled by that fear while in the group. Fear is powerful, and those intent on wealth or power use fear to its maximum advantage. Unfortunately, the effects of that fear is long-lasting. While former members are suffering from those effects, it is difficult to find balance and control. Former members must not only learn to face those fears; they must learn to harness their power.

Whether a person is influenced by a cult or not, fear is often the one factor holding them back from being in control. Cult members, having built habits based around their fears, establish routine acceptance of fear in their life. After escaping a cult, former members must break this routine and take back control of their life. One of the best ways to do this is to face other fears that are less invasive.

Many former members find that challenging themselves in different areas helps to break the ties binding them to fear of the past. By conquering small fears, former members feel empowered. They suddenly have the opportunity to control their fear rather than be controlled by their fear. In doing so, they are conquering their own fears instead of being enslaved to fears instilled by the central figure of the cult. Without even realizing it, they have harnessed the power of fear and are using it to their advantage.

When conquering fear becomes the new routine, former cult members find that past fear seems less invasive. Memories of cult fear may still arise from time to time, but those memories are no longer disabling. Instead, they begin to feel like a new opportunity to conquer. Learning to control fear is a powerful step towards regaining control of life.