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The Power of Experience

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The Power of Experience:

After escaping their destructive groups, many former cult members quickly to notice the similarities between the cult they left and "pyramid schemes". Both take advantage of many people for the benefit of just a handful of people. As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". The saying applies to religious cults in much the same way it applies to pyramid schemes. Both promise a quick and easy way to success, simply by trusting and believing. Both claim to have a better way than is commonly known. But this "better way" comes at great expense.

When people attempt to bypass normal means to success, they do so at the cost of gaining experience. Whether it is a long-term financial investment or spiritual investment, those who do not fully investigate and critically examine claims are at risk of poor investment. Worse, they are learning how to invest poorly rather than learning good habits through proven example. Instead of learning how to control their own outcomes, they forfeit control to misguided trust. They are not investing in their own experience.

Life is not easy. We all experience failure, and it is painful. We must rise above the pain but remember the failure as an example to bring future success. Even the time spent trapped by fear in a cult is a learning experience. As bad as it may seem, the experiences gained in a cult are memories that can empower former members. Never again will they join a group without first researching to identify any similarities to the cult they escaped.

Former cult members must learn the value of experience and the importance of relating experience to the outcome. They must learn to trust their inner voice as it warns them, but they must also bring that inner voice to maturity by feeding it with information through example. With the power of experience, former cult members can take back control.