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Life We Control

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Life We Control:

We've all heard the expression, "what happens, happens", and some people live their life according to this unplanned method of living by chance. To those who have never experienced a religious cult, this phrase is simply describing a life without care. Good things will happen, and bad things may happen, and some mistakenly think that their actions have little effect on their outcome.

For those who have experienced a religious cult, however, this phrase carries much more weight. Religious cults manipulate members into believing that supernatural forces are controlling outcomes, and obedience to the group limits the negative ones. The fear created by this strategy empowers cult leaders while nearly disabling cult members. It takes a great deal of courage to break through this fear and escape from the cult.

After leaving, former members often struggle to readjust. When bad things happen -- and they will -- the programmed fear continues to be an automatic response to negative experiences. Having been trained to believe their actions had little to do with their positive outcomes, fear of bad things happening continues long after escaping from the cult.

Former members must adjust their way of thinking towards negative outcome through positive reinforcement of goals and objectives. Like most children do at an early age, former members must experience cause-and-effect to understand life they can control. They must associate positive outcomes to circumstances they created, and understand what they did incorrectly to result in a negative outcome. When outside circumstances contribute to the result, they must learn how those outside factors changed the outcome, and why. Though they may not be able to fully control every situation, former members must learn that they have the strongest influence in their own lives. They are planters of the seeds of life, and by knowing which seed they planted, they can easily guess which fruit will grow.