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Creating a Dream Life

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Creating a Dream Life:

Many people dream of a fulfilling life, though not everyone finds it. Today's hurried and busy lifestyle often gets in the way of personal goals. This is true for former cult members and non-cult members alike. It is very easy to become enslaved to routine, and suppress the natural desire to find life's purpose. In some ways, former cult members have an advantage over those who have never experienced a controlling environment of fear and central power; those who escape a cult often begin a new life with a clean slate.

To find fulfillment, one must design their own life according to their own personal goals and values. Former members of a cult, after having been under the control of the group mindset for years or even decades, are forced to do just that. Their life looks nothing like it did in the group, and for those who joined later in life, often looks nothing like it did before. Whether they like it or not, the cult shaped them into the person they have become. After leaving, and understanding both positive and negative changes in their lives, former members continually re-evaluate to shape their life into a form they now control. Not only are they thinking about the design of their new life, former cult members are living the new design as it evolves.

Former cult members must take care to design the balance of priorities in a way that is empowering and not overbearing. After years of seeking affirmation from others instead of listening to their inner voice, cult members have a tendency to set goals and objectives seeking outside approval. To find purpose in life, former members must learn the importance of self-approval, and set goals that fulfill their core values. Caring for one's self is a good way to promote creative thinking and find purpose in life. When former cult members adjust their priorities to empower themselves, there is no limit to the success they can achieve. A fulfilling life is now within their reach.