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The Importance of Personal Value

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The Importance of Personal Value:

Though good thoughts and intentions applied to unfulfilling or painful goals may feel like purpose, finding true purpose in life should not be at the expense of personal value. Those who find purpose in life not only contribute to others, they also contribute to their own health and well being. They serve because they enjoy it, not because they feel burdened.

Former members of a cult often make the mistake of trying to find purpose in unfulfilling labor of contribution. The more painful it feels, the more they think they should value their efforts. Cult indoctrination teaches members to serve, trust and obey at the cost of individual freedom and identity. Instead of self-denial, former members must learn to value their individual freedom and identity. They must learn to find purpose supporting and increasing these values.

True purpose is life-changing. Individuals empowered with freedom contribute to the world around them, and find enjoyment doing so. Hours pass by as minutes, and a strong sense of accomplishment is the only reward necessary. After small steps towards improvement have accumulated over time, the distance between accomplishment and finding purpose can seem like an eternity of effortless labor.

Years, sometimes decades were spent forfeiting individual freedom under the oppression of cult bondage. Former members must recognize time spent forfeiting their life to error as "education" and not mistake. While it would be very easy to see their former life as a "waste", it was an investment in their future. The value of true freedom is far greater after experiencing true bondage. Self-worth seems far greater after experiencing a life of self-denial and suppression of individual thought. Though former cult members can mistakenly think they are disadvantaged in finding life's true meaning, the opposite is true. They have learned the value of their potential, and the importance of their individuality.