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It Is Our World - Let's Fix It

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It Is Our World - Let's Fix It:

Many people find their meaning in life through negative experience. After suffering through difficult situations or tragedy, the question of life's true meaning becomes the center of focus. Emerging from tragedy are people who are intent upon making the world a better place. These people, with their individual thoughts, ideas, and goals, find their purpose.

When former members of a cult first escape, however, they find themselves ignoring the "meaning of life" question only to try and find answers to the "how to survive" question. Looking backward to the world they left behind and trying to apply the same support structure to the new world of freedom, purpose in life seems trivial. In the cult, there was no purpose in life; only to serve and to obey.

Each person, whether they see themselves as big or small, has a purpose in life. Many mistakenly view individual purpose as big or small, not realizing that all purposes working together improve quality of life for all. Whether it's helping children learn basic grammar or solving world peace, purpose in life has equal importance. Some of those same children may solve world peace, or may mature to an adult who helps another child learn to grow and solve world peace.

Religious cults survive by manipulating members into condemning the world around them. Members are trained to ignore thoughts of purpose which might improve the condemned world, replacing them with obedience to the central figure and his or her ideology. World peace would not only be against the theology of the group, it would eliminate the need for the central figure. As the "answer" to the "condemned world", cult leaders would be unnecessary in a world of peace. Cult members are programmed to believe the world cannot become a better place. Many who escape struggle to see the value of contributing. To find purpose, former members must change their perception of life. It's our world. Let's fix it.