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William Branham Message Cult in Congo Persecuting and Murdering Catholic Christians

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William Branham Message Cult in Congo Persecuting and Murdering Catholic Christians:

The "Message" cult in the Democratic Republic of Congo is now supporting William Branham's anti-Catholic doctrine with violence and killing. According to La Libre Afrique, African news, "Message" cult pastor Theodore Mugalu has organized a deadly opposition to a peaceful demonstration. A march of Catholics was scheduled for Sunday, Jan 21, 2018, and Mugalu took action to sabotage the march for militant religious power and political advantage. From the article:

"At the helm of this attempt to sabotage the new march of Catholics announced for Sunday, January 21 throughout the DRC, Pastor Théodore Mugalu, director of the Kabila Civil House since 2003 and former ambassador of the DRC in Tanzania. A man in charge of managing the family's affairs, but also a keen defender of Joseph Kabila's stay in office.
This Thursday, therefore, Mugalu, pastor of the gospel according to William Marrion Branham, a muhemba of Katanga, has in his beautiful offices welcomed the pastors of the churches of Revival. The message was clear according to one of these pastors, whose story was confirmed by one of his 'colleagues'".

The article goes on to describe a plot to stop Protestants from joining Catholic Churches using financial support from the President. A witness described Mugalu's command:

"Your faithful must sabotage the march of Catholics, there must be fights, it must be possible to believe that Catholics are divided. These fights must also allow our soldiers to intervene."

Not all local churches joined Mugalu, however. Some feared that members of their congregation would join the "Message" cult. One unnamed pastor described the situation:

"Pastor Mugalu is still determined and can be convincing," says another pastor of a revival church. But if we follow him, we play the game of some men of power and we sacrifice all our faithful. It is unfeasible."

Read the full article:

As it turns out, Mogalu's plan was both successful and deadly. When the Catholic Christians began their march, they were met with a violent attack. Mogalu claimed that the marchers were "armed" simply because they were carrying ... rosaries. Mogalu claimed that the Catholics were "attacking" him, and retaliated. Using this as a basis for defense, "Message" cult members displayed their aggression. From an article dated January 23, 2018:

"While the internet was still cut on Tuesday, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, images were looped for more than 24 hours on public television and Tele50, pro-regime, recounting the 'attack' on the property of a minister by 145 armed persons ... rosaries. And the regime to see there the 'proof' of the 'violence' of the peaceful marches of Christians."

According to the article, "Message" cult members began to persecute the Catholics while filming their aggression. At least six were shot and killed while 145 people were stripped naked and forced to the ground in complete submission:

"Taking advantage of the lack of internet and social networks - cut since Saturday to hinder the march of Christians and reports on its repression - the minister has indeed filmed these 145 people, including priests, after having forced them to undress and lie on the ground with your hands on your head - as you do in the Congo for thieves - assuring that it was proof that there is "no peaceful march". The minister was supported by other hawks of the regime, Pastor Theodore Mugalu, head of the out-of-mandate President Joseph Kabila's Civil House, and Joseph Kokonyangi, deputy secretary general of the presidential majority. "

Read the full article:

The articles describe Pastor Mugalu as a "pastor of the gospel according to William Branham", referring to the "Message" cult that originated in Jeffersonville, Indiana founded by William Marrion Branham and organized by Voice of God Recordings. ( Branham, also very vocal against the Catholic religion was mentored by and continually promoted Roy E. Davis, Imperial Wizard of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. While the DRC articles do not mention the impact the K.K.K had on Mugalu through William Branham's recordings, research suggests Branham was using the Pentecostal religion as a platform to push anti-Catholic and anti-interracial-marriage agenda for the K.K.K. Branham claimed those who joined a Catholic church were operating with the mind of Satan, no longer in control of their body or mind:

"Notice, just a minute, a nun in a Catholic church. That woman, to become a nun, and takes that last veil, she is absolutely sold out to that church. She is (soul, body, and spirit) property of that church. She has no mind of her own. She can't have, when she takes that last veil, no mind of her own, no will of her own. See out here, that Satan makes them his bogus, like the true.
Branham, 65-0429E - The Choosing Of A Bride

During the Anti-Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, Branham began claiming to have prophesied that through American President John F. Kennedy, the Catholic Church would control the United States. According to Branham, once the Catholic Church was in control, war would lead to the total obliteration of the U.S. through nuclear bomb:

"Women, given the right to vote, elected President-elect Kennedy, was the woman's vote, the wrong man; which will finally lead to full control, of the Catholic church, in United States. Then the bomb comes that explodes her."
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Though the "Message" cult's description of this prophecy was altered significantly after the assassination of President Kennedy, the "Message" cult today still promotes the Ku Klux Klan's anti-catholic agenda supporting William Branham's failed prophecy. It is this agenda that enables cult leaders like Pastor Mugalu to spread hate speech and violence similar to that of the 1960's Anti-Civil Rights to other countries today.


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